Farm Shinanigans!

IMG_5893As any good farmer knows, you can’t have good farm life without a little fun. Let me take you into the world of farm shenanigans. Chick Chick Farms is no stranger to having a great time while putting in a days worth of hard work. In the first picture, you will see that Christin and Beth are enjoying the beautiful day in the grass. Let’s just say a lot of laughs were had here.

Let us not forget, that we also have to keep our health up, and even that can be a lot of fun. There is never a dull moment when Christin is around. She is showing her nephew Paxton how fun riding a stationary bike can be. :0) As you can she, she had a great time showing off her bicycle skills.

Well, it seems on the farm that the farming equipment is getting a little small. I believe it may be time to update the transportation device. This bike helps us to scurry around the farm and get to the back fields quickly. But it does look like we have a small problem. Can you see what the problem is in this picture? If you said the bike is a little small, you, my friend would be correct. It may be time to upgrade. Now I have to say how nice it was of Ryan to help his Mom off the bike.