Welcome to Chick Chick Farms

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Welcome to Chick Chick Farms!

This is a place that we love to call home, not only to us the farmers but also to the animals that we raise. We take pride in our investments here at Chick Chick Farms. We would like to have you join us on our journey through sustainable farming and to show you our family.

We are filled with days of hard work and plenty of shenanigans along the way. Feel free to check in on us as we go through this journey and get to know us!  You can also purchase our fresh off the farm beyond organic eggs and seasonal turkeys from our farm to your table.

Let’s not forget our pigs that also live on the farm. In the future, we plan to have pigs for purchase, as well as for food. All of our animals are raised here on our family farm, to bring you the best quality meat and eggs possible.

We offer you an amazing quality that’s Non-GMO’s, corn, or soy. When you purchase fresh from the farm, you purchase high-quality food and you support local sustainable farming. We are here for you and your family. So follow us along on this great adventure and help us make a family legacy for years to come!!